Fast, Secure High-Value Transactions, Zero Fees

We make global transactions and cash management easy for businesses by facilitating secure, and free high-value payments between Africa and the World.

Why us

Stay ahead with transactions that go beyond borders

We are empowering Businesses with Seamless International Payments, Treasury Cash Management and Customer Support. Supported currencies include USD, GHS, XOF, NGN, EURO, and Kenyan Shilling, with bi-directional flows.

Competitive Rates

Enjoy low-cost transactions with no hidden fees.

Fast Delivery

Transactions settle within 24 hours or less, ensuring prompt service.

Zero Fees

Benefit from our zero-fee structure for all transactions

Extensive Payment Rails

Send and collect payments up to $1 million per transaction through our extensive network in 80+ countries.

Personalized Service

Get started and speak to your own account manager. Enjoy one-on-one onboarding and trading services tailored to meet your needs and answer your inquiries.


in transactions processed, providing reliable and efficient financial services to our clients.

Get started in 3 steps

We make it easy for business across Import/Export, Real Estate, Payroll Processing, Financial Institutions, Travel Agencies and even Individuals to process their payments seamlessly.

Start by filling the contact form

Provide your details in our client contact request form, our team will reach out to you within minutes.

Personalised onboarding

Speak to your dedicated account manager and enjoy personalized onboarding and support.

Transaction complete

Provide the necessary details for the transaction and your account manager will complete the transaction within 24 hours.


Be among the first to experience our new Financial Services Platform

Our platform, engineered to embrace the complexity and diversity of international financial needs, offers a specialized focus on high-value transactions and business utility.

Secure treasury cash management

Instant payouts and settlements

Easy vendor and payee management

Ready to Transform Your International Transactions?

Get started today and discover how Osono Remit can streamline your financial operations. Speak to your dedicated account manager and enjoy personalized onboarding and support.

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